Kingsman Fireplaces

Improve the appearance and enjoyment of any outdoor space

The Gas Fireplace Outlet in Barrie, Ontario features this splendid Kingsman Campfire

The FP2085/FP2785 Kingsman Campfire allows you to create your own design around your fire pit using non-combustible materials. Kingsman outdoor fire pits can be installed on top of patios or wood decks with 24'' clearance to side walls, but need 7 feet clearance from the top of the fire put to any ceiling.

The FP2085 is the rounded campfire model, and the FP2785 is the rectangular campfire model. These come in two versions each, which achieve higher BTU's.

The specifications for the FP2085N and FP2085LP (rounded) are as follows:

- BTU's: 77,500 for FP2085N and 82,000 for FP2085LP.
- Ignition type: manual.
- Height: 4 1/2''.
- Diameter: 20''.

The specifications for the FP2785N and FP2785LP (rectangular) are as follows:

- BTU's: 77,000 for FP2785N and 87,000 for FP2785LP.
- Ignition type: manual.
- Height: 9''.
- Width: 27''.
- Diameter: 20''.
- Propane fire bowl comes with a 5 foot hose and regulator.

The Gas Fireplace Outlet in Barrie, Ontario carries the FP2085/FP2785 Kingsman Campfire. Call or stop by today for more information.

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